THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Opinion: Trump’s new water rule clarifies what I must do to keep Arizona’s water clean

Clean water is very important to me. I take seriously my role in ensuring that what I do on my farm protects our water resources. But paralyzing small businesses with uncertainty and “gotcha” enforcement of vague regulations is not the way to make the water any cleaner.

Clear rules will be more effective at protecting water and provide us with more honest, transparent government. That is the point of the new Clean Water Rule recently announced by the administration.

It’s the kind of rule we should all be able to support.

There’s a lot at stake here: protecting water quality, producing safe and affordable food, and preserving a strong economy and the hundreds of thousands of farming- and ranching-related jobs that our communities depend on.

It’s worth the time that the EPA and Corps have taken over the last two years to get this right.

Thankfully, the proposed new rule provides more clarity so farmers like me can do the right thing: comply with the law, protect the environment, and grow the crops and raise the livestock that feed our people and our economy. That’s why I ask that you join me to support clear rules for clean water.

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Photo Credit: Jack Kurtz, The Republic