By giving the federal government sweeping authority over private land, the 2023 WOTUS rule threatens economic growth, hinders job creation and raises the costs of goods and services for American families.

Jeopardizes family farmers and ranchers

The new rule gives the EPA authority to regulate ditches, farm ponds, and even low spots in pastures, which could hinder everyday farm activities like plowing fields or building fences. The regulation’s language is vague and unclear, forcing family farmers and ranchers to hire attorneys and other consultants to determine if their land contains jurisdictional waters. 

Threatens key projects to update America’s aging infrastructure

The U.S. recently has made historic investments in revitalizing the country’s core infrastructure including roads, bridges, highways, airports and waterways. But many of these projects could be in jeopardy due to the costly permitting and mitigation delays from the 2023 WOTUS rule.

Raises the cost of goods and services for American families

The additional red-tape from the WOTUS rule creates significant costs on the small businesses and industries that grow food, build housing, and produce energy, which will further exacerbate the affordability issues facing everyday Americans. 

Creates costly confusion and uncertainty for small businesses

The rule marks the third time in eight years that the federal government has attempted to define WOTUS, creating never-ending uncertainty and confusion for the small businesses that fuel America. Plus, the rule’s language is so vague, it will force land users to hire expensive lawyers and consultants to determine if their land contains jurisdictional water and if it requires a federal permit.

Farmers, homebuilders, manufacturers and small businesses need a clear and transparent WOTUS rule that recognizes their efforts to protect our nation’s water resources and frees them to operate with confidence.

  • 25% of the cost of a new single-family home is from government regulations
  • Nearly 4.3 million small businesses will face uncertainty from WOTUS (source)
  • Thousands of family farms and ranches are at risk of new costs and uncertainty under the 2023 WOTUS rule