WASHINGTON EXAMINER: New EPA chief Andrew Wheeler is a ‘different person’ than scandal-plagued Scott Pruitt

Washington Examiner: Turning to policy, I am assuming your priorities are the big three that people know about: the Clean Power Plan, CAFE (fuel efficiency standards), and WOTUS (Waters of the U.S.)?

Wheeler: We are doing so much more than that. I would put WOTUS in there. I would put the Clean Power Plan in there. I would also put our Superfund reform efforts. I would also put what we are doing to implement the new TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act). Every one of our offices are really busy. It would be hard for me to point to what is the one or two things.

Of course, we are implementing President Trump’s agenda. President Trump made it very clear on the campaign that he wanted to repeal the Clean Power Plan, repeal WOTUS, and replace them with something that actually followed the letter of the law, and we are working to do that. And those are certainly two presidential priorities that we are doing.

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