OHIO AGNET: EPA’s Pruitt promises new definition of WOTUS to Ohio Farm Bureau county presidents

“WOTUS was not done the right way the first time. We are fixing it and making sure that you have clarity and as we go forward you are going to have a new definition this year,” Pruitt said. “This new definition will respect private property owners, it’s going to respect the role of the states and it will make sure that the Clean Water Act definition of Waters of the United States takes into consideration and understands it was never intended to be a puddle, it was never intended to be a dry creek bed and all of those things will be addressed with clarity and confidence so that you know where federal jurisdiction begins and ends. That’s coming in 2018.” Changes to the WOTUS rule will be the beginning of what the EPA is striving to achieve when it comes to changing the process of rule making altogether.

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Photo Credit: OCJ