THE HILL: Opinion: Former Rep. Tim Huelskamp and H. Sterling Burnett: Scott Pruitt is leading the EPA toward greatness

As Oklahoma’s attorney general, Pruitt fervently and effectively fought to protect Oklahomans against federal overreach and to defend sound energy and environmental policy. Pruitt successfully sued the EPA numerous times, including convincing the courts to place stays on the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule and the Clean Power Plan (CPP). Now that Pruitt has served a full year as EPA administrator, it is a good time to assess his accomplishments. Pruitt has redirected EPA’s efforts away from “ideological crusades,” making huge strides in returning the agency’s focus to the core functions assigned to it by Congress: working cooperatively with states to ensure the nation’s air, waters, and lands are cleaner.

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Photo Credit: Greg Nash