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THE HILL: Opinion: Former Rep. Tim Huelskamp and H. Sterling Burnett: Scott Pruitt is leading the EPA toward greatness

As Oklahoma’s attorney general, Pruitt fervently and effectively fought to protect Oklahomans against federal overreach and to defend sound energy and environmental policy. Pruitt successfully sued the EPA numerous times, including convincing the courts to place stays on the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule and the Clean Power Plan (CPP). Now that Pruitt […]

THE DAILY SIGNAL: Commentary: Daren Bakst: Congress Should Let Funds Evaporate for ‘Clean Water Rule’

The WOTUS Rule takes this federal overreach to a new level. For example, it would regulate certain man-made ditches and even regulate what most people would consider dry land. Congress should expressly prohibit funding for implementation and enforcement of the WOTUS Rule. While courts are likely to block enforcement of the rule, the 6th Circuit […]

THE CAPITAL PRESS: Editorial: EPA leader focuses on outcomes, not punishment

The agency has suspended the Waters of the United States regulations written under the Obama administration. The language of that rule would have extended regulation to isolated bodies of water that have a “significant nexus” with navigable waters of the United States. The rule was overly broad, and expanded the already considerable reach of the […]

THE QUINCY VALLEY POST-REGISTER: Column: Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA): Trump right to reverse federal overreach

I supported the Trump administration’s recent announcement to delay the implementation of WOTUS for two years as federal agencies go back to the drawing board on defining navigable waterways to give private property owners clarity and peace of mind. In defining the scope of the Clean Water Act, the Trump administration has been guided by […]