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WHAS: US EPA Admin promises change to Waters of the US in 2018

Taking the stage at a Galt House where he worked as a bell hop while in college, Kentucky native and US EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt wasted no time telling the audience that the Trump administration was about to shed baggage left behind by the Obama Administration’s EPA. “Waters of the US” is likely the biggest […]

REASON: Are Dry Stream Beds Navigable Waters of the United States?

The Waters of the United States rule, passed by administrative fiat in June 2015, gave the federal government jurisdiction over nearly every river, lake, creek, estuary, pond, swamp, prairie pothole, irrigation ditch, and intermittent rivulet in the U.S. It’s a regulation that can force a rancher to spend $40,000 trying to get permission to grade […]

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: EPA chief denounces water rule in visit to Kentucky

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt found a friendly audience Thursday in his native Kentucky as he lambasted an Obama-era clean-water rule. Speaking to a Kentucky Farm Bureau audience, Pruitt said the rule aimed at protecting small streams and wetlands from development and pollution was an example of federal overreach. He said it tried to […]

AEI: Waters of the US Rule and Clean Water Act Fail to Provide Cost-Effective Improvements in Water Quality

To protect navigable waters, the Clean Water Act’s jurisdiction extends to waters linked to navigable ones. But because essentially all waters are connected, under the 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, agencies will assess the degree of connectivity on a case-by-case basis. A recent executive order from President Donald Trump asks the Environmental […]

INSIDE EPA: : House Republicans Hold ‘Nascent’ Talks On Bill To Limit CWA Jurisdiction

The top Republican on the House science panel’s environment subcommittee says there are “bubbling, nascent discussions” on potential legislation to limit the reach of the Clean Water Act (CWA), but any such bill could be far off despite subcommittee members voicing support for restricting the law’s scope during a Nov. 29 hearing. Speaking to Inside […]

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Top White House officials say they’re rolling back administrative state

Last month, the Trump administration rolled back the birth-control mandate. Scott Pruitt, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, said the Waters of the United States rule will suffer a similar fate. “We’re providing regulatory clarity there,” Mr. Pruitt said at the conference Friday. “Two-step process, actually: We’re withdrawing the deficient rule from 2015. That process […]

FARM FUTURES: Trump administration keeps rolling back regulations

When President Trump entered the office earlier this year, regulatory burdens was a top concern for U.S. producers. His 2-for-1 regulatory rollback (eliminating two regulations for every one proposed) he announced early on in his term and actions on top-of-mind concerns such as WOTUS are getting high marks. In our August survey, 86% of those […]